VSM at GIFA 2019: The right solution for any type of grinding of cast parts

GIFA in Düsseldorf (June 25 - 29, 2019) is the world’s leading trade fair for the foundry trade. 900 exhibitors present their latest machines, systems and products for the production and processing of cast parts to 50,000 trade visitors. VSM will be there, in Hall 16, presenting its abrasives VSM ACTIROX, VSM STEARAT Plus and VSM CERAMICS Plus, which have excellent stock removal rates for processing cast parts, and demonstrating how efficient stock removal can bring decisive competitive advantages.

"With our optimised, high stock removal abrasives for the entire process chain of cast part processing, our product range offers the right solution for every processing step – users will be able to experience this for themselves at our stand", says René Vogt, VSM’s Sales Director Germany, inviting anyone interested to come and visit Stand G09 in Hall 16. Because when it comes to deburring and machining cast parts, levelling welding seams or removing sprues, VSM ceramic grain abrasives are the first choice.

More stock removal with VSM ceramic grain abrasives
The VSM CERAMICS Plus range, for example: Compared to conventional ceramic grain abrasives, these products have the advantage of an optimised self-sharpening effect when machining cast steel, high-alloyed metals and non-ferrous metals. Thanks to their micro-crystalline grain structure, their grains break more finely and with sharper edges. The resulting aggressive yet cool cutting action ensures faster, more uniform stock removal and twice the service life. This significantly reduces processing and quality costs.

Users can achieve even more stock removal with VSM ACTIROX, the latest generation of abrasives from VSM in their range of high stock removal abrasives. This product incorporates a new type of permanently aligned, geometrically shaped ceramic grain. The grains break down in a defined and controlled manner and allow faster and very aggressive grinding of alloyed and non-alloyed steel, stainless steel and carbon steel workpieces. The perfect solution for bevelling and levelling welded seams, for example. A 50 percent increase in stock removal is possible compared to the previous leading ceramic grain abrasive. This allows companies to massively reduce their costs and to process cast parts much more effectively – VSM ACTIROX substantially increases productivity, which is why, quite rightly, it will be the focus of visitor interest at the VSM stand once again.

Perfect processing of aluminium and non-ferrous metals
VSM also has another innovative product to show at GIFA, specially developed for processing cast parts made of aluminium and non-ferrous metals: VSM STEARATE Plus. It combines the advantages of VSM CERAMICS technology – high abrasion of materials and a long operating life – with the additional anti-adhesive layer, STEARATE Plus. This layer significantly reduces chip adhesion and thus prevents rapid clogging of the abrasive, which is one of the most frequent problems encountered when grinding non-ferrous metals. VSM STEARATE Plus significantly extends the life cycle and ensures excellent stock removal, even after long periods of use. Ideal applications include the removal of welded seams and sprues.

Visit VSM at GIFA 2019 (June 25 - 29, 2019): Messe Düsseldorf, Hall 16, Stand 16G09.

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