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Vulcanised fibre
  • Multi-layer material made from special types of paper
  • Extremely sturdy backing material
  • Extremely high tear resistance
  • Used for making fibre discs
Paper backings
  • Optimum stretching behaviour
  • Lower weight in comparism to Cloth backings
  • The lower the paper weight the more flexible is the backing
Cloth backings
  • Available with aramid, cotton, polyester or polycotton backings
  • Elongation and flexibility parameters are fine-tuned in in-house finishing plant
  • High tensile strength
  • Available cloth backings range from extremely flexible to extremely sturdy

Additional grinding-active layers

The VSM TOP SIZE coat is recommended for dry grinding of heat-resistant stainless steels and non-ferrous metals. Thanks to the additional layer with its grinding-inducing additives, the cutting performance is improved whilst the temperature in the contact area is reduced. In addition, the useful life of the abrasive is dramatically enhanced.

The anti-adhesive layer of STEARATE is primarily used for machining non-ferrous metals. It prevents chip adhesion and thus clogging of the abrasive. It also enhances the service life of the abrasive.

Abrasives with an antistatic coat are primarily used for woodworking. They prevent the build-up of an electrostatic charge so that the grinding dust does not adhere to the workpiece or the machine.

Machines / Grinding processes

Flat sander
Long belt sander
Wide belt sander
Edge grinder
Cross belt sander
Planetary grinder
Air drum
Slack of belt
Robot grinder
Angle grinder
Disc sander
Dynafile sander
Orbital sander
Portable belt sander
Drum grinder
Tube return grinder
Parquet sander
Hand sanding
Sanding Block


Metallic materials
Stainless steel
Unalloyed steel
Non-ferrous metal
Non-metallic materials


Product features
Open coated
Medium coated
Medium-closed coated
Closed coated
Product application
Suitable for wet and dry grinding
Low to medium pressure
Medium pressure
Medium to high pressure
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