Tips for candidates

Show us who you are!

Simply be yourself and do not get too hung up on application guides. Authenticity and personality are what matter to us. And if you need a nudge in the right direction, we have a few tips for you.

Covering Letter

The covering letter is your chance to convince us about you. References and samples of work are of course important, but they say very little about you as a person. Your covering letter is a chance to tell us all about you. What motivates you? What are you particularly good at? Why are you the right person for us? What do you hope to achieve? These questions and your answers to them will be extremely important to us.

Curriculum vitae

What have you done in your career? What have you done and experienced to date? A curriculum vitae in a table format is the best way of providing an insight into your experience. Describe briefly if you have completed any work placements, and if so what. Periods abroad, language trips and jobs on the side are also relevant here.

Selection Process

We will take our time and look through your documents extremely thoroughly. If we are convinced by your profile and it meets the requirements of the job in question, we will invite you to an initial interview. We want to use this not only as an opportunity to get to know you personally. We also want you to get a picture of VSM as your prospective employer.

Are you wondering what is important in the interview? Simply be yourself and do not stress! Our company culture thrives on personal contact and we know that an interview situation of this kind is not easy. Just remember: We want you to feel at ease with us.

Job Portal

To ensure a smooth application process, we would ask you to only apply online using our job portal. If you are interested in a particular job, click on the “Apply now” button, enter your personal details and upload your documents. Click on “Submit” to send your application directly to our system.

The job portal also gives you the option of sending in an univited application or subscribing to our job alerts. We look forward to receiving creative and informative applications and, in particular, to meeting you in person.

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