Work placement

Practical insights into the processes and everyday working life of a company form the basis for making the right choice of employer later on. A work placement in a good company also provides an excellent reference. We will be pleased to offer you the opportunity to get to know us within the framework of a work placement. Who knows, maybe you will meet your first permanent employer during this placement. Unfortunately, we do not offer any pre-study industrial practicals or lab classes for students.

Final thesis

You have your goal in your sights, right within your grasp. A successful final thesis is important, and we will help you to make sure it is successful. Together we will find a topic. You will deal with processes that are important to your work and will have an opportunity to demonstrate your strategic and conceptual skills. Please do send in an uninvited application, but do so in plenty of time, as we will need a little time to plan.

Employment for student trainees

Would you like to gain some initial experience in your future profession alongside your degree and earn some money into the bargain? Flexible working hours of up to 20 hours/week, a good salary, sharing of experience, building up your own network of contacts and, and, and... Our company will offer student trainees a number of benefits. You are welcome to send us an uninvited application, as we do not advertise all working student positions publicly.

Holiday jobs

Semester breaks are a good time not only to earn some money, but also to gain some experience. You will work with a dedicated team in our modern production and logistics area and gain exclusive peeks behind the curtains of a global player. Due to the shift work involved, we can only consider applicants (m/f/d) aged 18 or over. Please note that we can only give holiday jobs in the summer months.

Your contact person

Carina Zimmermann
T +49 511 3526 278

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