There are many events in which our employees participate, be it the company party, the inauguration of a hall, the Hanover Marathon or trainee seminars. 

However, we also have a programme of events for those who are interested in VSM AG. Whether it is on a visit to the VSM plant or at a job fair, you will meet us and have the chance to get to know us.

IdeenExpo 2021 โ€“ Berufsorientierung auch in Pandemiezeiten!

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Job fairs

At the following job fairs, we will introduce VSM AG and the various job profiles we can offer at the ZUKUNFTINC. stand.

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Engaging with sports

Would you like to come together with others to run, play indoor soccer or use the sports facilities of VSM AG? In addition to regular fixtures, we are also involved in a number of running events.

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Plant visit

A warm welcome to VSM AG! We offer plant visits throughout the year on request. For prospective trainees, we offer job-oriented plant visits. Your parents will be welcome to accompany you on these visits.

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VSM is offering plant visits in Hanover-Hainholz.
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